I have a sharepoint site with a choice site column "Depot". This site column has the following choices:

All Depots 
Sunshine Coast

This site column is used as a Refiner in their search center. The problem is, they want the refiners to work a little different to how ti works out of the box. They would like it if you refine by "Brisbane" all the documents for Brisbane AND "All Depots" show, if they hit Stapylton all the documents for Stapylton AND All Depots show. and so on.

I attempted a hack which created a multi choice field and if any document was set to "All" the multi choice field was field with "Stapylton, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane". I then added that field to the same refiner.. the results was not what we wanted. the refiners ended up like:

[] Stapylton, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast
[] Stapylton
[] Brisbane
[] Sunshine Coast

Is there any way to achieve what the client wants?

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