I've got a PowerApp which is connecting to a SharePoint list.

When users open the app, a message is now appearing at the top with

"You do not have access to view this data. Server Response: access is denied".

The SharePoint group "everyone except external users" have contribute access to the SharePoint list and they are able to open the app fine - they just don't see the SharePoint list data being displayed in a gallery.

This has previously worked fine and has only recently appeared. Has anyone else experienced this and can advise how I can fix?

Note: I have also explicitly granted SP list permissions to users incase something had changed with the "Everyone except external users" group but there is still the same error.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

  • Are your users still licensed for PowerApps?? Can the users access the SharePoint list in a web browser? – Josh McClanahan May 22 at 23:38

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