I have an Access database (format .accdb) in my Documents directory in my Sharepoint Online instance.

When I open the file, MS Access loads but it opens in read-only mode, showing the following:

enter image description here

If I click "Enable Content" the read-only does not change.

I have full access to the file and the directory it lives in; I can open .xlsx spreadsheets from the same directory and edit them in Excel. It seems specific to Microsoft Access.

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Access is a strange one; you'd have to download it and open it from your local computer e.g. from desktop. Then you can edit it, save it. Then you'd have to reupload it to Sharepoint. I don't fully understand why it behaves like this, but this is a way round it for you.

Indeed, for Excel it is not an issue. I think it might be the nature of databases and how Access writes edits to the database... <- speculation...

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