I have site content type available in my SP 2013 site, I need Content Type ID by content type name using CSOM.

I found the way by using rest api from here Get Site Content Type ID by Content Type Name using REST API

But i am restricted to use CSOM.

Any help will be appreciated.

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If using C# CSOM you can try something like this ContentTypeCollection Extension

// taken from link above!!!
public static class ContentTypeExtensions
    public static ContentType GetByName(this ContentTypeCollection cts, string name)
        var ctx = cts.Context;
        return Enumerable.FirstOrDefault(cts, ct => ct.Name == name);

Once you return the content type by name using the extension method, you should be able to pull the ID off of the variable.

var siteCT = ctx.Site.RootWeb.ContentTypes.GetByName("<Name>");

var CTID = siteCT.Id;

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