I am migrating a SharePoint 2013 on prem environment to a SharePoint 2019 on prem environment. Current 2013 site has a top nav and a side nav in a custom master page. Client would like to keep the new modern look. Is there a way get both navigations subsite/sitecollection nav and a top Nav with new modern look?

  • I figured it out: I had to activate publishing feature on Site feature and Sitecollection feature for Term store based Top Nav to show on parent site collection and subsites. Client now doesn't like the look of OOTB top navigation. Now I am looking for a custom top nav! – Rakesh May 22 at 21:50

Editing the masterpage is not an option in Modern, but you can get the top and left Nav to show up with the Modern Team site template, sts#3, the Communications site template will be missing the left NAV.

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