I am new to SharePoint and I'm trying to deploy a modern Search Web Part following the instructions here sp-dev-fx-webparts/samples/react-search/

When I run tsd install on the command prompt, it returns this error message.

The type definition index.d.ts does not exist. Create one and try again.

What do I do?

#spfx #spfx-webparts


Tsd versions above 0.6.5 don't work the same way at all any more.

I found this on an unrelated project with a line that installed tsd globally like this: npm install -g tsd which picked up 0.7.x, a relatively new version of the tsd package, with so many breaking changes I'm convinced it's not supposed to work like it used to.

It will be a problem with the sp-build-web package so I don't know if you can edit what tsd version it tries to install.

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