I have scoured existing docs but can't find anything on here or other sites to answer the following.

I have spent some time creating a template in modern view that can be saved as a site design.The design is fine and appears in the site designs list now I have added it through PS using:

Add-SPOSiteDesign -Title "New Template" -WebTemplate "68" -SiteScripts "<site ID is usually in here>" -Description "Default template to use" -PreviewImageAltText "site preview"

When selecting the design at the stage of creating a communication site I am given the option to select the design, or I can apply once the site is created. Everything appears to be going fine, I get the notice to advise the site has been updated and to refresh, but nothing changes. What am I missing?.

I should also mention that when applying I get "initializing" but no other steps, I then get the text to say it's applied and to refresh,

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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