I am connecting to a SharePoint Online tenancy and interrogating a document library using CSOM. Is it possible to determine in code whether or not the anti-malware scan (which I know runs asynchronously) has finished scanning the file from the library that I'm interested in? I know that using the old sharepoint API you could interrogate an SPFile and see the SPVirusCheckStatus, but I can't see anything similar in CSOM.

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In the absence of a better answer, I am inspecting the value of the _VirusStatus field. If the file has been scanned it will have a value in this field.

Possible values (from the MS documentation):

  • case "0": // No Virus detected
  • case "1": // Virus reported by the scanner plugin but not yet determined if removal possible.
  • case "2": // Virus reported by the scanner plugin which can be removed.
  • case "3": // Virus successfully removed
  • case "4": // Virus reported, attempted clean failed.
  • case "5": // Virus reported, document should be deleted.
  • case "6": // Timeout last scan.

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