I have a user, who works remotely who cannot check out any documents from the project site he's working with in SharePoint 2013. He has not been able to since day 1. The particular site is purposely set for check in's/out's.

When he clicks on a link, it downloads the file, and if he clicks on Check-Out, it prompts for username / password. The box just endlessly keeps coming back when he puts his credentials in. If he edits the document online, it obviously will not allow him to make changes yet.

User has Windows 10, and office 2016 installed on their machine. Here are the things we have tried so far:

  • Ensured he has read/write permissions on the site.
  • Added site as trusted.
  • Set user logon to "Prompt for user name and password".
  • Logged into our organizations account in Office (specifically Excel) - User was logged into his parent company account prior.
  • Mocked up a new site with some documents just to make sure there was nothing happening on the current project site (where every other user can do this fine).

The only thing left that I know of is to do an office repair. As mentioned, he is off-site and I gave him simple instructions to do this, but I have not been updated on its progress. I am looking for any more ideas on what could be causing it.

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