I am creating an SPFx Web Part that will provision a list instance upon installation. I have successfully created and provisioned a basic list, however i cannot seem to customize it by altering the schema given in this guide.

So i decided to try creating the list by hand, and use the SharePoint PnP command

Get-PnPList "ListTitle" -includes SchemaXml

to provide a template with the correct data.

I was able to get this xml, but it doesnt seem to be in the correct formatting. This also caused an error in installation to a site collection.

Essentially, I am wondering if it is possible to download a schema from an existing list and use it while provisioning a new list instance using an SPFx Web part. And if so, what am i doing wrong?


  • There are two things when working with schema, one is List Defination which let you build the schema of list i.e. List Config along with fields, views etc. and another one is List Instance which allow you to provision the list item along with list defination. So are you looking for default item provisioning? Also, can you provide the schema XMl you are using in SPFx as well as via Get-PnPList. – ThinkB4Code May 13 at 19:03

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