I need to create a form with the following requirements:

  1. Needs to be able to accept multiple inputs from multiple users.
  2. Save as a draft while other users are still filling form throughout the day
  3. Once all fields are filled, a submissions saves forms and emails results

I kind of have an idea for #3 but not sure about #1/#2.

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I've done something like this before with InfoPath and a workflow, but I think you want multiple users to fill out the form at the same time which is something that I have not done. In the past I've setup an infopath form to only display the fields that need to be filled out by that user, then have a workflow at increments the infopath form to the next view and sends the link to the form to the next filler / approver. This works great, but only allows for one person to add to their part of the form at a time. You can also accomplish this with a PowerApp and Flow.

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