I need to add a list view web part with c# like below:

enter image description here

My best guess is using PnP is the wat to go. I would think something like below is the first part (correct me if I am wrong):

var page = OfficeDevPnP.Core.Pages.ClientSidePage.Load(ctx, "Home.aspx");
var imageWebPart = page.InstantiateDefaultWebPart(DefaultClientSideWebParts.List);

However I can fint anything documentation on how to set the properties as shown in the image above. All help are apreciated.

Working sample from Lee's input: Add following to url to get properties: ?maintenancemode=true

  var ctx = ClientContextExtension.GetAppContext(txtSiteUrl.Text, _configuration.AppRegistrationId, _configuration.AppRegistrationKey, new EmptyLogger());
    var page = OfficeDevPnP.Core.Pages.ClientSidePage.Load(ctx, "Home.aspx");

    var components = page.AvailableClientSideComponents();

    var myWebPart = components.Where(s => s.ComponentType == 1 && s.Name == "f92bf067-bc19-489e-a556-7fe95f508720").FirstOrDefault();
    if (myWebPart != null)
        ClientSideWebPart ListWP = new ClientSideWebPart(myWebPart);
        ListWP.PropertiesJson = "{\"isDocumentLibrary\": true,\"showDefaultDocumentLibrary\": false,\"webpartHeightKey\": 4,\"selectedListUrl\": \"/sites/segato-slet-5000-da/Delte dokumenter\",\"listTitle\":\"Older than 30 days\",\"selectedListId\": \"2fb1f209-ea06-4a16-aed0-30980b39ccb0\",\"webRelativeListUrl\": \"/Delte dokumenter\",\"selectedViewId\":\"a20b1b00-6659-4e12-8522-609f9367631a\",\"selectedFolderPath\":\"\",\"hideCommandBar\": true}";
        var column = page.Sections[0].Columns[1];
        page.AddControl(ListWP, column);
  • Configure a page, use Export-PnPClientSidePage to save the file as a template and examine the properties for the part. That should help on what is needed. – Mikael Svenson May 14 at 20:22
  • 1
    I found out you can add following to url and you get all properties. ?maintenancemode=true – Thomas Segato May 15 at 7:28

Sample code for your reference.

Use SharePointPnPCoreOnline

string _FullUrl = "https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/lee";
            using (var clientContext = new ClientContext(_FullUrl))
                Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;
                string password = "password";
                SecureString sec_pass = new SecureString();
                Array.ForEach(password.ToArray(), sec_pass.AppendChar);
                clientContext.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials("user@tenant.onmicrosoft.com", sec_pass);

                Web web = clientContext.Web;

                // load the page with name "page3.aspx"
                //ClientSidePage p = ClientSidePage.Load(clientContext, "ListPage.aspx");

                // get a list of possible client side web parts that can be added
                //var _components = p.AvailableClientSideComponents();

                // cc is the ClientContext instance for the site you're working with
                OfficeDevPnP.Core.Pages.ClientSidePage myPage = new OfficeDevPnP.Core.Pages.ClientSidePage(clientContext);
                myPage.PageTitle = "pageTitle";

                // get a list of possible client side web parts that can be added
                var components = myPage.AvailableClientSideComponents();

                // Find our custom "HelloWord" web part
                var myWebPart = components.Where(s => s.ComponentType == 1 && s.Name == "f92bf067-bc19-489e-a556-7fe95f508720").FirstOrDefault();
                if (myWebPart != null)
                    // Instantiate a client side web part from our found web part information
                    ClientSideWebPart ListWP = new ClientSideWebPart(myWebPart);
                    ListWP.PropertiesJson = "{\"isDocumentLibrary\":false,\"selectedListId\":\"b15079b5-869b-4da8-87b6-ac0bfdf059e4\",\"listTitle\":\"MyList\",\"selectedListUrl\":\"/sites/lee/Lists/MyList\",\"webRelativeListUrl\":\"/Lists/MyList\",\"webpartHeightKey\":4}";
                    // Add the custom client side web part to the page

                // Persist the page to SharePoint

According to Lee's feedback I tried getting properties from an existing configured web part:

var allWebParts = page.Controls.ToList();
var webParts = page.Controls.Where(c => c.Type.Name == "ClientSideWebPart").ToList();
var listViewWebPart = webParts[3];

The properties for this web part:

  "isDocumentLibrary": true,
  "showDefaultDocumentLibrary": true,
  "webpartHeightKey": 4,
  "selectedListUrl": "",
  "listTitle": "Documents"


  • Thanks appreciated! Do you know how to set the view and the title of the web part too? How do you know what properties you can set? – Thomas Segato May 14 at 7:43
  • Add one manually and then grab the webpart properties. ClientSidePage p = ClientSidePage.Load(clientContext, "ListPage.aspx") monitor p.Controls[i] properties. – Lee_MSFT May 14 at 7:48
  • I tried getting the properties but dosent provide much info: Properties: {{ "isDocumentLibrary": true, "showDefaultDocumentLibrary": true, "webpartHeightKey": 4, "selectedListUrl": "", "listTitle": "Documents" }} PropertiesJSON: "{\"isDocumentLibrary\":true,\"showDefaultDocumentLibrary\":true,\"webpartHeightKey\":4,\"selectedListUrl\":\"\",\"listTitle\":\"Documents\"}" Are you from Microsoft Lee? – Thomas Segato May 14 at 16:52
  • Lee what is the monitor part of your code? – Thomas Segato May 14 at 18:14
  • Got it working. Updated post. – Thomas Segato May 14 at 19:20

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