Please tell is there any way or workaround we can filter on hyperlink "Description" using sharepoint query.

I know we can filter listview rendering using JSlink and hide rows but problem is when user does export to excel that again become visible.



It is expected behavior. When you export items into Excel via "Export to Excel", it will export all items from the saved view without JSLink.

For your requirement, you can create a new column and use it to store the URL's description, then create a view with a filter by the new column. You can create a SharePoint Designer workflow to set the new column to URL's description.

My demo workflow for your reference: enter image description here

For the workflow's Start Options, you can set it like: enter image description here

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  • Thanks Kally. Appreciate your reply. As you know life is not as easy in terms of deployment and changing stuff on production. However, I have one solution for export to excel that I will handle the stuff on button by adding content editor webpart and call API for that specific view of the list and then control the rendering. However, i have marked your answer. – Asif May 9 '19 at 11:59

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