Firstly I'll start with extra question:

I'm trying to get data by _api/web/getuserbyid() API call in code. Do You guys know why there is no option for filtering by query for specific data? I mean by:


But know going to the subject of .map (the code is shown below) I've got error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined


export interface ISponsorData{
  Title: string;
  UserPrincipalName: string;


private _sponsorData: ISponsorData[] = [];


private _getSponsorDetails(): Promise<any[]>{
    var _sponsorURL = `https://my.sharepoint.com/sites/SC/_api/web/getuserbyid(6)`;

    return this.context.spHttpClient.get(_sponsorURL,SPHttpClient.configurations.v1)
    .then((response: SPHttpClientResponse): Promise<{value: ISponsorData[]}> => {
      return response.json();
    .then((json: {value: ISponsorData[]}) => {
        return this._sponsorData=json.value.map((k,i) =>({
          Title: k.Title,
          UserPrincipalName: k.UserPrincipalName

for now log below is set as undefined (no suprise here)


When I'm printing to the console console.log(response.json());, I've proper response from the API call:

[PromiseValue]]: Object
@odata.context: "https://MY.sharepoint.com/sites/SC/_api/$metadata#Users/$entity"
@odata.editLink: "Web/GetUserById(6)"
@odata.id: "https://MY.sharepoint.com/sites/SC/_api/Web/GetUserById(6)"
@odata.type: "#SP.User"
Email: "[email protected]"
Expiration: ""
Id: 6
IsEmailAuthenticationGuestUser: false
IsHiddenInUI: false
IsShareByEmailGuestUser: false
IsSiteAdmin: true
LoginName: "i:0#.f|membership|n[email protected]"
PrincipalType: 1
Title: "Name LastName"

I've found on stackoverflow, that the error might be caused if values were null, but they are not. What possible is wrong with my approach? I've used =json.value.map((v,i) =>({ before and it is working, and it was also for spHttpClient Call.

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GetUserById does not return a collection (array), map is for iterating. GetUserById returns just a object.

You access the properties with; json.value.Title

For using $select you can do: https://my.sharepoint.com/sites/SC/_api/web/getuserbyid(6)?$select=Title,UserPrincipalName

  • Thanks a lot @AndersAune
    – KKania
    May 8, 2019 at 13:26

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