So, I have these lists from the parent site that controls information that is being used in sub site lists. However, when I used a workflow to extract information from that column, sharepoint doesn't like it at all. So, trying to beat the system, I started exploring whether I can simply set up a workflow on the side where whenever the original list from parent updates, it will sync with an identical list on the subsite. But that proved to be a lot more difficult. I don't even know how to select different lists within SPD's workflow panels. But I know that cross site workflows are indeed possible.

  1. How can I create workflows and select items from another list?

  2. How can I create workflows with look up fields referring to cross site list information such that I can simply take the value of the entry and not worry about all the behind the scenes stuff that makes it not work?

Can someone point me in the right direction? I am feeling a little lost...

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