I am the owner of a Sharepoint Site (with 2 sub-sites).

I built the List Business Accounts (BA) on the main (parent site) to share it with subsites (lookups and queries on other fields).

Unfortunetly, i have no access to the List BA in Sharepoint Designer Workflows (on the sub-site). The list does not show up there and i need to get some fields from it (reading)... that i wish to read to workflow variables.

I suspect this has to do with permissions. But any answer will do especially OOTB solution.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance Nuno

  • Hi , i have built a workaround where i created site columns (lookups) on the parent site, for the parent list, that i manage to import to the subsite list. Its not the ideal solution, because i need all the fields from the parent list and need to build sharepoint 2010 workfows to get the values in subsite list. I still think i should have direct acces to the parent list in case i have permissions. thanks! – Nuno Barbosa May 15 '19 at 9:11

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