I am using SharePoint 2013 on-prem. We want to boost the relevance of some items tagged with certain tags in the search results. For that I have configured the standard search results web part.

I am using XRANK for this purpose, and that works fine when I query from a single content source. When I query from multiple content sources it does not work.

This works

ContentSource: XX
XRANK(cb=5000,00) term:<guid>

This doesn't work

ContentSource: XX OR ContentSource: YY OR ContentSource: ZZ
XRANK(cb=5000,00) term:<guid>

XX crawls one web application, YY crawls another and ZZ another, but they are all in the same farm and accessible by search. All the web-applications have content which is tagged with the term in question here.

Any ideas what I am doin wrong here ?

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