I've been trying to set up a small test add in project for the corporate sharepoint online site. I have created the developer site (sharepoint online, not local) and when I go to it in my browser I see Apps in testing rather than Add ins in testing (the latter is what the tutorials show). Perhaps this is just the new Sharepoint online view and the tutorial is out of date, but maybe something about the development site differs from what the Tutorial expects. I did create the site following the microsoft docs instructions that the tutorial below links to.

The tutorial I am following is very basic (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/sp-add-ins/get-started-creating-sharepoint-hosted-sharepoint-add-ins) as I'm just trying to test the basic development workflow. When I get to the step where I add a List item to the project I get the connection error shown below that indicates I don't have permissions:

enter image description here

I am an Admin on the Sharepoint site, but what I found when searching for this error indicates some database permissions that need to be modified but this seems to be specific to a sharepoint server rather than sharepoint on line. I used to do some php/apache development (15 years ago now), but a lot of the sharepoint stuff is not familiar at all. I'd appreciate any pointers that can help me get a bit further into sharepoint development.

One other detail is that I am using the sharepoint addin c# template in VS 2019. I have just moved to a new laptop and could not find a VS 2017 install, which is why I have upgraded to 2019.

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