I am curious if it is possible to display search results in a web part, with the search term being used being pulled via a data connection to another web part.

The context: In SP 2013 server, I have 2 lists. The first is the Business List (1,000 entries). The second is a Location List, and each business has 10 corresponding locations that need to be listed here (10,000 entries). The Location list has a lookup column to the Business List to track which location belongs to which business.

I had previously intending to, on the Default Display Form of Business, add a web part App of the Location list. Then I would use a data connection to add a filter to the Location web part, only showing the locations belonging to that business.

The problem: With 10k locations, the filtering will break in the Web Part. I need a way, on the Default Display Form of Business items, to display the Locations from the Locations list. My other attempts at solving this (infopath secondary data connections for example) have all gone nowhere. I'm hoping it is possible to create a web part that performs a search on the Locations list, using that Business name from its lookup column. This way I could get around the filtering limitation.

I'm also open to any other suggestions that might get around my issue. I thank you very much for your time and any guidance you have.

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