I am Developing a SharePoint Extension web part for O365. The purpose of the web part is to allow the user to click on a letter of the alphabet and then through the search API return all the items with a title that begins with the selected letter.

I have figured out how to use the search API for finding keywords:


But I don't know how to use the API to get all items that begin with a certain letter. I have tried googling an answer for this but haven't found anything. Is what I am trying to do even possible?


Have you tried to use refinement filters or wild cards in SharePoint search API?

Maybe one of the endpoint given below:


Reference: SharePoint 2013 REST Api - refinementfilters "Containts" OR "SubstrinOf" operator



Reference: SharePoint Search REST API overview

Also, check this useful article on KQL, Keyword Query Language (KQL) syntax reference.

  • Thanks, for the references. I think will work for me. – user5013 May 2 at 15:26
  • Welcome. Please upvote and accept the answer, it will help others to find the best solution easily. – Ganesh Sanap May 2 at 16:30

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