I have created a custom masterpage HTML page as well as several custom stylesheets for a site in SharePoint online. I have attempted to reference my stylesheets in the HTML page but my styles are not being picked up in the browser. I have tried to reference the css using the following formats within the head tag, none have worked.

<!--SPM:<SharePoint:CssRegistration ID="Custom" Name="$SPUrl:~SiteCollection/SiteAssets/search/css/custom.css%" runat="server" After="Themable/corev15.css"/>-->

<!--SPM:<SharePoint:CssRegistration ID="Custom" Name="https://dynamiconline.sharepoint.com/sites/search/SiteAssets/MarvinSearch/css/custom.css" runat="server" After="Themable/corev15.css"/>-->

<link href="https://dynamiconline.sharepoint.com/sites/search/SiteAssets/MarvinSearch/css/custom.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on how I need to format these correctly so my styles will actually come through. Any assistance is appreciated.

  • Try the last option ( <link ...> ) again but add the closing slash to the end. ie <link href="/sites/search/SiteAssets/MarvinSearch/css/custom.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />. The masterfile may be looking for a closing tag that isn't there.
    – KGlasier
    Apr 30, 2019 at 17:41
  • @KGlasier I appreciate the suggestion, unfortunately I tried this and my stylesheets are still not coming though.
    – bberndt
    Apr 30, 2019 at 18:05

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You can use the code below.

<!--SPM:<SharePoint:CssRegistration name="&lt;% $SPUrl:~sitecollection/SiteAssets/search/css/custom.css %&gt;" runat="server" after="SharepointCssFile" />-->

Check the thread below:

External CSS file in HTML master page

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