I am not able to open my SharePoint online site in SharePoint Designer 2013. It is giving below authentication error while trying to open the site "Your account is in a bad state. Please sign-in to this account online to address the issue". Site is working fine in browser and I am also able to access it via browser. I am site owner. Please suggest some solutions.

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  • Experienced the same issue after changing my password – Josh Sharkey Jun 15 at 21:29

To use SharePoint Designer 2013 with SharePoint Online, you can download and install the following updates in order:
Download and Install SharePoint Designer 2013

Download and install SharePoint Designer SP1

Install 2016 Feb(2) update

Install 2016 Ang(8) update

After installing the above updates, test again, it should work well.

Reference: SharePoint | Online | Best Practice | How to install SharePoint Designer for connecting to SharePoint Online

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  • Thank you Kally for solution ! But it was working fine before few days. I am working on it from last 5-6 months. After some security changes (getting code on mobile number from Microsoft) at organization level, it stops working. – Heena May 1 '19 at 11:05

In my case I needed to supply an App Password for SPD to work with SPO.


Security & privacy (left nav)
Click on Additional security verification
Click on Create and manage app passwords

On the next page I created an entry titled SPDYear and used that password for SPD.

SPD login:
L: myEmail@MyCompany.com
P: app password

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