I have a list of organizations and a list of contacts. The contacts are linked via vlookup to the organizations list. I would like to have all the contacts associated with a specific organization populate back to the organization list. I have not found a way to have a workflow do this directly as the lookup function only grabs the first instance. My workaround is to make the connections in Excel. Using Concatenateifs I can combine all the contacts associated with an organization into one cell. I could just paste the Excel results into the organizations list, but there are several thousand organizations and SP only lets you paste 100 rows at a time. I struck on the idea of having a third list that was all text based so I could use Access to paste in bulk and then use a lookup workflow to connect the contacts to the organizations with the column containing the contact names as multiple lines of text separated by a ; converting to a lookup column of the contact names from the contact list. That way other info about the contacts could be pulled over to the organization list. The problem is I can't seem to build a workflow that will accomplish this.

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