I have ListA and ListB, I am getting List B items in List A workflow based on some condition and updating the List B items. When I go back to List B I see items are updated as expected.

Issue: List B has a workflow, which triggers on item created and changed. I am updating List B items (updating from List A) "Status" column value from "Published" to "In Progress", this is updated when i refer to the List B items and I see List B workflow is triggered but when I log the values "Status" column is still showing "Published" value. And all the conditions under "Published" value are running but I want workflow to run few conditions under "In Progress".

Thank you in advance for the help.

  • I found work around ,paused the List B workflow for a 1 minute so the fields will have new values. – user20366 Apr 26 at 16:07

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