A few weeks back, I created a completely brand new tenant/organization on Office 365. However during the sign-up and setup processes I was NEVER asked anything about what ?.sharepoint.com or ?.onmicrosoft.com address we want to use. I even recorded my screen and watched the recording multiple times... the option to pick just never appeared.

The company's domain for example was mycompany.com.au - SharePoint/Office 365 automatically assigned us the address mycompanycomau.sharepoint.com - despite the fact that mycompany.sharepoint.com is available, which is obviously much more preferable. And Microsoft apparently have no way of correcting this. Extremely annoying, as now the company is stuck with that address forever apparently. Having to sign up again and set all the accounts up again from scratch just to change a hostname (they we were never given the option of) is ridiculous.

Anyway, that's in the past now. But I'm about to create another brand new Office 365 tenant for another unrelated company, and I want to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Does anyone know of anything special I need to do or avoid when signing up, to ensure that I am prompted for the ?.sharepoint.com hostname we want to use?

Could the starting point of the sign-up, or any click I did during the setup process have affected me missing out on the SharePoint address question?

Would it be safest if I just don't enter the company's domain name during the sign up process at all, and add it later on? Presumably this would have to ask us to pick our ?.sharepoint.com / ?.onmicrosoft.com address?

I never had this problem in the past. The only thing I can think of that I did differently this time was create the organisation with "Office 365 Business Essentials" licenses, rather than "Office 365 Business Premium" licenses. But I don't see why that would matter, seeing both of them include exactly the same "SharePoint Online (Plan 1)" license, same SharePoint quotas etc.

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