My customer would like to increase the size of the default "Description" field in EditForm.aspx? of a calendar list. I assume this requires editing via SharePoint Designer as I cannot use InfoPath to add an overlay.


This might not be possible, if you using the default Description field that comes with a calendar list. Reason being that this field is pulled in via an iframe. Although modifying those might be possible using some javascript, it's not recommended.

I would suggest creating an new (second) description field and hide the original one. Than you can apply something this.

Edit your "NewForm.apsx" and add a Script Editor web-part. enter image description here

Than insert some CSS to modify the field. enter image description here

.ms-inputBox p {
    font-size: 30px !important;;

And your new text box should be looking something like this. enter image description here

Hope this help.

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