I am on SharePoint 2016 and Nintex 2013.

Requirement: The team wants a Microsoft Word document that allows spellcheck and other formatting options that are limited or unavailable in InfoPath.

I am attempting to automate a process where each month, analysts upload graphs and other images to an asset library by company and topic and a report is generated for users to input comments. One firm can have many topics, each topic has a graphic. So the final result will be:

ABC Company

• Topic 1

o Image

o Comments

• Topic 2

o Image

o Comments

Each month the images are refreshed with new uploads from a SQL script that will save over each image with the same filename.

My workflow queries the images by firm and by topic, then creates a document in a library and updates the fields accordingly. So:


Company 1

o Topic 1 Name (single line text)

o Topic 1 Image (image)

o Topic 1 Comments (multi-line text)

o Topic 2 Name

o Topic 2 Image

o Topic 2 Comments

Company 2

o etc.

My workflow queries the image library by company and topic, creates the report in the document library, and updates the fields with the company and the URL for for each topic's image.

Question: How do I get the images to display for each new report by company?

The URL moves over, but I can't get the placeholder in the Word document to render each new image. I could create one template for each company with a static embedded URL that will automatically refresh as each image is replaced. Again, the script saves each image with the same filename each month, so this would be possible because each month the images are refreshed.

However, I would prefer that the workflow generate a new report each month with the links to each topic image updated each month. The benefits of generating a new report each month is that if the analysts add a new topic or don't include an existing topic, it can be captured in the workflow query. If it's a static report, the template would have to be manually updated.

Getting the topic image URL from the image library to the company report in the document library is done. How do I get the URL in the image column to render as an image in a document without embedding it in a Quick Part or via XML Mapping?

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