I have try to add Url as value in List Instance.

  <ListInstance Title="Lists Link"
            Description="All Lists Link Url in This Custom List"
      <Field Name="Title">News</Field>
      <Field Name="ListUrl">/Lists/News/AllItems.aspx</Field>
      <Field Name="Title">Tips Of The Week</Field>
      <Field Name="ListUrl">/Lists/TipsOfTheWeek/AllItems.aspx</Field>

its add in field but when m creating site collection url was contain root web url..

like as suppose my site collection is http://gtsp10:1000/sites/rbk/Lists/TipsOfTheWeek/AllItems.aspx but redirect to http://gtsp10:1000/Lists/TipsOfTheWeek/AllItems.aspx..

Is this right way to going?

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There maybe a special character like $site or something ? In any case you could always revert to using a feature activation event receiver and code the creation of the data in the list.


  • i was tried to using $Resources:cmscore,ListName_UrlName;/AllItems.aspx but got the error..i agree ur answer maybe use feature receiver to solve this issues. – Jignesh Rajput Jan 3 '12 at 11:41

Use ~site/... or ~sitecollection/...

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