When adding a group to a site via Javascript, I know you're supposed to use the group ID - but if I want to add "Everyone except external users" to that site with Read permissions, what ID do you use? I'm building a utility page to update all the sites on our portal that used to have "NT Authority/Authenticated Users" permissions but lost that group when the site migrated. Can you apply the "Everyone except" group by name, or is there some other specific way to do it?

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The group id you are looking for is called spo-grid-all-users. The full claim that is resolved is c:0-.f|rolemanager|spo-grid-all-users/11111111-A111-1A11-A111-1AAA1A111111.

In the claim above the sequence 11111111-A111-1A11-A111-1AAA1A111111 represents a User GUID specific to that user and your tenant.
To obtain your tenant specific GUID for this user / claim navigate to:


Be sure to replace the YourTenantPrefix portion of the URL above with Your Tenant Prefix.

The query string ?MembershipGroupId=0 will display all users in your tenant including the tenant specific, system created ones including: Everyone, Everyone Except External Users, and the Search Crawler

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