I am attempting to use a migration tool that will extract properties from images (drone photos) and map them to columns in SharePoint Online. I'm focused on one property just to get the ball rolling.

In the image, I'm confident Altitude is represented as GPSAltitude. I've created a column called Altitude in SharePoint, but am not having luck. The tool requires that a txt file contain the property in the image be mapped to the corresponding SharePoint internal column name. Based on the examples given in the txt file, I'm guessing I have the internal SharePoint column name wrong. Please see the image below:

enter image description here

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    You can get the internal name of column from Column settings. Open column from list settings and see for "Field=" in url at very last. you will find the correct internal name after = and before next query string parameter. See here for clarification. – Ganesh Sanap Apr 22 at 13:08

We can use the SharePoint Client Browser (SPCB) uses the SharePoint API (a.k.a. CSOM) to connect to a remote SharePoint site collection and shows the site structure with related properties and values.

Download: SharePoint Online Client Browser v4.3

More information: SharePoint Client Browser (SPCB)


Step to see Internal column name: 1.Open list.(whatever your list is)
2.Click on gear icon located on top right side.
3.Click on List Settings
4.Then scroll down, you will find column names in left side of screen.
5.Click on column name.
6.Then see its URL
i am attaching screenshot for your reference.
enter image description here

enter image description here

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