I was thinking of using Flow in SharePoint to update a list item, seemed simple enough. Then I noticed none of my lookups were showing.

Hmmm, my lookups are driven by site columns, could that be the problem? Made a test lookup in the list NOT adding from existing site columns. Voila, it shows up in Flow: Update Item.

So, am I approaching this wrong or does MS Flow for SP really not support site column lookups? If so, can I use the Send an HTTP Request action to update an item that has site column lookups?

Please share any experiences or solutions if you've encountered this.


Its worse then I thought. Site column lookup values also aren't available from Dynamic Content: When an item is created. Ouch. Now what?


Per my test, we can update site column lookups in the flow. As you can see, we can choose the value from the drop down list. Note: if you enter the value manually, you must enter the lookup id instead of lookup value.

enter image description here

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