Hello Folks I have created SharePoint 2013 form wiht SP Designer 2013 and now I would like to create a workflow. I have done a workflow to inform the approvor that new item need to be review. My requirements are based on the approvor decision about he will Approved, Rejected or Need more information status selection. When he selects one of the previous status, the workflow status will be updated like below: If the status is approved: workflow status = Approved - Email will pick the documents attached into the form and will be sent to dedicate contacts If the status is rejected: workflow status = Rejected - Email will pick from the approval form the text about why and will be sent to dedicate contacts If the status is Need more info: wokflow status = Pending Need more info - Email will pick text comment about why and the email will be sent to dedicate contacts with the link to add additional missing information - when the contact will provide additional info, a new mail will tell approvor that new approval action is required

How I do that with SP designer tool? Because the things I saw in SP Designer, are limited to 2 status "Approved/Rejected" and even if I add others status, the email will only be generate for the Approved and Rejected. not for others status. I don't have technical skills or deep knowledged thanks for your support and helping

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