When I have a mapped drive to my sharepoint on premise document library and try to drag / drop a folder from my desktop, the files are being uploaded as empty / corrupt files for some users, but working fine for some other users. User permissions are exactly the same for all users.. what could the problem be?

  • is everyone (apart from you) accessing it from Sharepoint web UI or all users use as well mapped drive?. From your description I am not sure where you have the corruption. Commented Apr 17, 2019 at 19:15

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To troubleshoot the issue, check things below:

  1. Check the user permission for the users who have the empty or corrupt files on the file level.

  2. Remove the users from the document library and re-grant the user permission for those users.

  3. Create a new document library and map drive for the document library to check if the same issue will occur.

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