I have such a scenario: When Item is edited on the list an email is sent with information about changes.

Current solution: We created an additional list called Archive that holds information only for comparison. We have a workflow that runs on edit and compares fields between the current version and the one on the Archive list. It generates an email with highlighted fields that changed (IF field 'not equal' field_archive). Then the workflow updates archive item for future changes.

Required changes: Currently, this comparison is only stating if anything has changed. We need to highlight exact changes for example: Field1: before change: This is a sample string. after change: This string has been changed. Information in email: This <strong>string has been changed</strong>

Field 2 checkboxes: before change: [x] checkbox1 [x] checkbox2 [ ] checkbox3

after change: [x] checkbox1 [ ] checkbox2 [x] checkbox3

info in email: checkbox1, <strong>checkbox3</strong>

What are the options when using workflows to achieve that - any other solution than sending fields to webservice?

  • This doesn't answer your question but... I suggest that instead of using two lists you just turn versioning on and then compare current version of the item against the previous version. – Rob Windsor Apr 17 at 12:24
  • Thank you @RobWindsor for the input. I haven't dig into versioning and by what information I have found I decided on the second list - I will definitely try that. – Piotr Smyda Apr 17 at 22:48

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