I am trying to get the 'Editor/Name' using REST however this does not appear to be working.

My current REST url is formed as follows:


This currently just returns the Title however I want to return the 'Editor' name. I have tried multiple instances of this including expanding 'Editor/Id' however to no avail.

Can anyone advise on why this is not working please.



You need to adjust the endpoint a bit. Need to specify ListItemAllFields,ModifiedBy as expand param and also specify Title,ModifiedBy,ListItemAllFields/InternalName as select values.

Replace the internal name with the actual name of the column in your SP Doc lib.

Modify the endpoint as below:


Answer that was provided by Gautam Sheth is great!

As alternative you can use endpoint - /_api/web/lists/getbytitle

If you know ID of listitem\document try:


Where 1 is document Id.

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