Is it possible to retrieve the list of users who have access to a folder in Sharepoint via folder name instead of folder ID?

Reason: The folder is from a subsite, and have another unique id as compared to the main site, so user list will be empty or inaccurate due to different id in main and sub sites.

Current code:


//to modify the following code to get by folder name, instead of folder id 
node.Attributes.Add("access", GetAccessXml(folder.Item.RoleAssignments, out originalAccess));


private string GetAccessXml(SPRoleAssignmentCollection roleAssignments, out string originalAccess)
    //currently returning empty list
    var list = roleAssignments.GetUserWithReadPermissionOnly();

    var entries = "<Entities Append=\"False\" Error=\"\" Separator=\";\" MaxHeight=\"3\">{0}</Entities>";
    var entryTemplate = "<Entity Key=\"{0}\" DisplayText=\"{1}\" IsResolved=\"True\" Description=\"{0}\"><MultipleMatches /></Entity>";
    var entryBuilder = new StringBuilder();
    var csv = new StringBuilder();

    foreach (var principal in list)
        var entry = entryTemplate;
        entryBuilder.AppendFormat(entry, principal.LoginName, principal.Name);
    originalAccess = csv.ToString().TrimEnd(',');
    return entries.FormatWith(entryBuilder);

I am thinking of the using folder.Item.Title or folder.Item.Name but they do not have .RoleAssignments implementation.

Any help will be appreciated.

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