On photo upload, I need to capture the folder name in which a photo resides. To do this, I have setup the following 2010 reusable workflow:

Set VPIN to Current Item:Encoded Absolute URL
Set Variable: V_PATH1 to Current Item:Encoded Absolute URL
Copy from Variable: V_PATH1 , starting at 83 for 16 characters 
(Output to Variable: V_PATH2 )
Set VPIN to Variable: V_PATH2

This works for a drag and drop, but not for the Upload Document or New Document options.

Problem: Select document, Form displays, user clicks ok, then following msg appears:

Sorry, something went wrong 

The file 5080test/xxxx-xx-xxxx-xxx/Files_UploadDoc.JPG has been modified by 
i:0#.w|domain\username on 15 Apr 2019 09:41:06 -0400. 


When the user clicks GO BACK, the item is created, the workflow runs and VPIN field is populated.

Believe issue is that Encoded Absolute URL does not exist until the item is SAVED. Through SP Designer, is there any work around for that? Or to make the workflow run AFTER the OK (SAVE)?

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