Is there a way to use a custom icon for SharePoint Framework features? When we navigate to the Site Settings, it would be nice to see our branded icon instead of the default one.

enter image description here

Part of thepackage-solution.json

I don't see any icon-related properties here:

"features": [
        "title": "Application Extensions - Top Header & Footer",
        "description": "Deploys application extensions to display a Header at the Top placeholder and a Footer at the Bottom placeholder",
        "id": "24125f88-b8dd-46e1-acd4-a801e650709c",
        "version": "",
        "assets": {
          "elementManifests": [

My best guess is that it's impossible, but can someone confirm it, please?

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Yes I agree that it’s not possible or recommended . SPFx uses the Feature Framework (elements.xml) to handle features and it does not have a native api to set the image.

(There were workarounds available like this https://www.vrdmn.com/2011/09/change-feature-image-in-sandbox.html when using Sandbox solutions but they are no longer recommend)

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