We have noticed in our SharePoint 2013 RBS enabled content DB that some files that meet the minimum blob size threshold to be stored in RBS, are being stored directly in the DB. We have 2 WFE/APP servers with RBS installed on it. I suspect that the secondary server is not configured correctly with RBS, and any requests routed to it to create documents result in it being stored directly in the database.

Looking at our installation scripts, I see that for the secondary server the RBS installation command only contains the following feature components


I am guessing this is incorrect, and requires these: ADDLOCAL=Client,Docs,Maintainer,ServerScript,FilestreamClient,FilestreamServer

Without impacting the primary server and the RBS store, can I safely just uninstall RBS on the secondary SharePoint server in the control panel, then run the command line install with the correct features to install it again?

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