I have deleted and recreated a search application in sharepoint 2013 about 5 times now and every time it gets created with Searchable items All Errors and degraded partitions. What is going on??


Helped me: run PowerShell script, then re-create Search service application:

psconfig.exe -cmd helpcollections -installall -cmd secureresources -cmd services -install -cmd installfeatures -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -wait

Or you can try index reset + full crawl of all my content sources, but this method did not help me, however, everyone recommends it.

enter image description here

  • reindex and crawl did not help me at all - I just ran your script but did not delete my search before, should I try to reindex my current or delete and recreate after running the script? – Saz Mifsud Apr 12 at 10:19
  • before run script. – Fox Apr 12 at 11:36
  • can you tell me in steps? I have a bad search so i did 1. run script 2. delete search 3. recreate? – Saz Mifsud Apr 12 at 11:38
  • No, delete, run, create. – Fox Apr 12 at 11:39
  • ok i already ran it, is it a problem if i delete and run again now? – Saz Mifsud Apr 12 at 11:40

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