I have an approval workflow that has the status "Failed On Start (retrying)" but it it appears to be running and is creating tasks for the approvers.

How do I update the status to say "In progress"? Can this be done in powershell?


Have you tried stopping the workflow for the specific item with "Failed on start (retrying)" and re-run it?

To end workflow:

  1. Select item and open menu (by clicking on the 3-dot icon)
  2. Select Workflow
  3. From the running workflow, click the one with the 'failed...' - you should see at least some details of any error
  4. Click "End this workflow" - this should turn the status to cancelled
  5. Re-run the workflow (either manually or depending on your trigger event)
  • The workflow is still running and is sending out the tasks. I do not want to end the workflow as it will just annoy the users having to approve the tasks again. – John-Michael Apr 14 at 0:41

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