Can anyone provide guidance to explain the external sharing user experience for O365?

Generally an invitee of a domain (say anyname@xxxx.com) gets a message "We couldn't find an account with that username. Try another, or get a new Microsoft account." presumably as this domain has no tenancy

If a tenancy exists, we see "taking you to your organisation's sign in page", which it then does.

In some cases, however, we simply get a password request but these are accounts which we've newly shared content from our own tenancy to, so no password exists for these accounts yet, and, oddly, these seem to present the same response to any prefix at those domains e,g if @abcd.com is the domain (it isn't but I don't want to supply the real one) fred@abcd.com presents a password request, as does xfred@abcd.com and xxfred@abcd.com

We can't get around this problem as the process doesn't allow us to reset the non-existent passwords.

Can anyone explain what is happening here?

  • Hi, have tried to be as specific as possible, without naming the tenancy or domains – Bill Young Apr 15 at 14:40

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