I am trying to disable the below HTTP methods in SharePoint web application config file but when I added below methods total site itself getting down some times I am getting 401 unauthorized access and access denied the issue . methods can be find below link Please find here Methods which i have used in web config.

Below are the methods tried to configure in web.config level. Http methods tried in web.config

appreciate if anyone can help me on this


Remove the

<deny verbs=“*” users=“*” />

You are denying All Users and All Verbs before the evaluation of the other statements in the xml (web.config is an xml file with a different file extension) thereby rendering them moot.

Also, sharepoint requires many of the other HTTP verbs you have set to deny.

Why are you doing this?

  • Thanks for the quick response. – user3085493 May 10 at 3:53

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