I already asked this question regarding SPFx extensions.

But now I have the same problem I had in that question, but for a SPFx Web part. I use the exact same _getUserInformation() method as mentioned in the answer and which worked for my extension.

private _getUserInformation() : Promise<any> {
  const res = this.context.msGraphClientFactory
    .then((client: MSGraphClient): void => {
      .get((error, response: MicrosoftGraph.User, rawResponse?: any) => {
        // do something

  return Promise.resolve<any>(res);

And I call it like that:

public async render(): Promise<void> {
  await this._getUserInformation();

But _doOtherStuff() gets called before the the _getUserInformation()-method is finished. I know it seems to be the same question as in my other issue, and probably it is, but why is it like that? I really used the exact same code, but this time in a web part, not an extension.

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The problem here is that you are returning a resolved promise, it basically tells the caller "hey I'm done", which in your case might or might not be true depending on the timing of things.
I suggest you return res right away without wrapping it in a returned promise. Or you could switch to the async/await syntax for this method as well to be consistent.

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