I am Global Admin on the tenant and site collection administrator on onprem SharePoint2013 . When I launch SPMT, I can login using my Global Admin O365 credentials for my destination/target. When I enter sp2013 onprem url, and want to select library (which I plan to migrate), I get login prompt and when I enter credentials get the error : You need to be site collection administrator. There is no proxy. spmt is installed on updated win 7 workstation not on the SharePoint2013 server. Any help, ideas ? Thank you.

  • I assume - You want to migrate SharePoint On-premise list to Office 365. But when you enter source URL for migration you are getting - site collection admin message, right or the scenario is reversed? – love thakker Apr 7 at 2:52
  • yes ... I can not connect to on-premise sharepoint 2013 primary site collection. I get the error : You need to be site collection administrator. – user82657 Apr 7 at 11:20
  • Can you try login into On-premise system using browser and verify that you have access? – love thakker Apr 8 at 3:11
  • Also check whether there is permission break on list? – love thakker Apr 8 at 3:12
  • @lovethakker permission breaks are irrelevant to a site collection admin. A SCA has access to everything, regardless of permissions. – Greg W Apr 9 at 9:00

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