In Flow, I am able to selectively pull certain columns from the list, put them into a file, attach to an email, and then send the email. But when I click on the attachment it won't open in Excel. If I try to "Save As" and then open with Excel, it puts all columns into the "A" column on each row. But... if I add ".csv" when doing the "Save As" and double-click the saved file, it will open correctly in Excel.

I want to add the file extension .csv automatically rather than manually at the "Save As".

Any ideas?

Here's a rough look at the Flow steps:

Step 1: Recurrence
Runs at 9:00 on Friday every week

Step 2: Get items
*Site Address: Materials and Logistics - https://g8pro.sharepoint.com/sites/MaterialsandLogistics
*List Name: PAS Parts Tracker List
Filter Query: An ODATA filter query to restrict the entries returned (e.g. stringColumn eq 'string' OR numberColumn lt 123).
Order By: An ODATA order By query for specifying the order of entries.
Top Count: 150
Limit Columns by View: Avoid column threshold issues by only using columns defined in a view
Hide advanced options

Step 3: Select
*From: value×⁠
Part Number Part Number×
Part Description Part Description×
Workflow Status Workflow Status Value×
PO Number PO Number×
Quantity on PO Quantity on PO×
Original PO Date Original PO Date×
Vendor Vendor×
Next Release Quantity Next Release Quantity×
Estimated Release Date Estimated Release Date×
Actual Release Date Actual Release Date×
Expected Availability Date Expected Availability Date×
Galvanizing? Galvanizing?×
Date Sent to Galvanizer Date Sent to Galvanizer×
Date Expected from Galvanizer Date Expected from Galvanizer×
Quantity Received Quantity Received×
Date Received Date Received×
Modified Date Modified×
Enter key
Enter value

Step 4: Create CSV Table
*From: Output×⁠
*Include headers: Yes
*Columns: Automatic
Hide advanced options

Step 5: Send an email
*To: bslayton@g8pro.com;
*Subject: PAS Parts Tracker Weekly Report for ⁠formatDateTime(...)×⁠
*Body: Please find attached your Weekly Parts Tracker Report.
From (Send as): bslayton@g8pro.com;
CC: Specify email addresses separated by semicolons like someone@contoso.com
BCC: Specify email addresses separated by semicolons like someone@contoso.com
Attachments Name – 1: PAS Weekly Parts Tracker Report
Attachments Content - 1
Add new item
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