I want to generate a report of every document and permissions on it. Permissions contains General Permission and Users who have permission through a sharing link/ or external sharing link. When I run a code I get a result like "SharingLinks.fdbe4441-98ec-47f5-9795-78f8e6e826e9.OrganizationEdit.00e9b96f-8eb7-4a68-b162-f7accc9fec66 : Contribute" It means this document has been shared with Sharing Link having Contribute permission. Please see the Image below. It shows all the users having permission. But how can I get this info using Powershell script (PnP-Powershell) user permissions

  • Looking for a similar approach. All I can think so far is to grab all the items in a list and filter by the ones which has unique accessrules defined – Alberto Dec 26 '19 at 13:06

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