Am unable to get the focus of TextBox in a HillyBill templated accordion in my SP online list newform.aspx. i ahve written the code using .focus() of jQuery, but it didnt work!

  function  PreSaveAction()
 //alert('inside presave action');

     //issuetitle is the textbox name 
  issueTitleValue = $("select[Title='Issue Title Required Field']").val();
   if(issueTitleValue=="" || issueTitleValue==null || issueTitleValue == 
         undefined )
     alert('Issue Title is mandatory field from the General Section');
     $("select[Title='Issue Title Required Field']").focus();
          return false; 
         alert('Record Saved Successfully');
    return true;
  am having multi section newform.aspx and the user is confused about in which section, which field is mandatory. how to set the focus in this scenario?

i have used the code mentiioned in this post, create accordion UI for the SP Online newform.aspx to create the accordion UI

Or is there any other approaches like, create a or panel exclusively for showing the error message and display on top of this form? any examples?

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