I am trying to get PDF and DOCX documents marked with a status "Ready" or "Checked" or "Approved""

The part of the URL searching for the status is:


The part of the URL searching for the doctype is:

However: &q=%2Epdf%20OR%20%2Edocx (first PDF then DOCX) returns only PDF files

&q=%2Edocx%20OR%2Epdf (first Docx then Pdf) returns only PDF files as well

&q=%2Edocx%20 (only Docx) returns DOCX documents

Why is DOCX skipped when used in combination with PDF?

By the way &q=%2Edocx%20OR%2xls gives DOCX and XLSX documents.....

I have tried this on 2 sharepoint sites and both return the same results.



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