I have a custom SharePoint 2010 workflow. (It is not a task or approval workflow.) I want it to send different emails to up to 13 organizational departments when they have been selected in a list's Person and Group column (allowing multiple selections). The content of each email template is tailored to each of the 13 offices. I can't use a single email template for all offices.

I created a variable for each office and set the variables to each office's organizational inbox address. For example, varD1 is set to 'D1.Inbox@org.com,' where 'D1' is department 1.

Because I have 13 departments (13 condition/action pairs), I did not try If-Else approach because online references state it is limited to 7 if-else blocks. Instead, I intended each step to be independently executed. In the workflow step for department 1 I have the following:

enter image description here

The first conditional trigger is the Title column contains a value. A separate workflow creates that value. I have confirmed that workflow is properly executing.

The second conditional trigger is v2-Ltr (i.e., the variable representing the Person or Group column, so named because our organization refers to such offices as 'two letter offices') contains the specific organization's value in the group of selected values.

When both conditions are satisfied, the email should be sent.

There is a sequence of workflow steps like the one shown, each differing in which department it refers to and in the details within the email template.

The outcome is that only the final send-email step executes.

The To: line of the email template contains the value of the address variable set earlier:

enter image description here

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